• "The professionalism was exceptionally good...I would highly recommend the practice to anyone :). Thanks so much Dr. Potthoff!"
    Betsy St. Cyr, owner of "Bandit".
  • "Our visit here was a very helpful and pleasant experience! Thank you"
    Ron and Gail Johnson, owners of "George"
  • "The nurse (tech) and neurologist were both very knowledgeable and informative. Also they actually seemed to 'care' about our dog and his well-being. I am very pleased with our experience"
    Sam and Mark Morris, owners of Marvin Morris
  • "Great customer service; this includes vets, techs and front desk folks."
    Brenda Savage, owner of Baby.
  • "To all of MVRC - That is what I call professionalism. From the time I made my first call to you late this AM to the time I left this PM I had nothing by friendly, caring, quality service and care. Yes, I did have to wait but that is a small price to pay for everything else about our visit. Onyx seconds that! Hopefully we will not need to return anytime soon but if we do, I'm sure our experience will be the same."
    Bob Crispin, owner of Onyx
  • "just want to thank each and every member of the staff here for the comfort you provided for Jinx and I. I am extremely impressed with the sincerity and sensitivity of your staff. Thank you."
    Michelle Miller and Jinx
  • "I just wanted to say how wonderful everyone is here. When I had to put Taz to sleep, the empathy and sympathy from all the staff was amazing and so incredibly helpful in such a difficult time. You all made this process much easier than I has predicted. Thank you to every single employee who gives their heart and soul to this job. You are wonderful! It takes a special person to do what you do :) Thank you again and god bless!"
    Shelby Pearce, owner of Taz
  • "Thank you so much for your kindness, empathy and for the service you provided our beloved Bubba."
    Don and Jeane La Bouche
  • "Thank you for your wonderful care of Oreo. Your quick responses to my questions and unending patience were so appreciated. I will give highly positive recommendations to all of my pet owning friends."
    Louise Murphy, owner of Oreo.
  • "This is by no means a suggestion. This is a comment: You have ALL been amazing! I have been treated so extremely well and you've all been so comforting! You should all be so proud of what you do every day. Oscar says "Thank You, you are all Awesome!""
    Viki White, owner of Oscar
  • "I cannot improve on PERFECTION. Thank you so much"
    Rae Hansen
  • "Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have given my family pet. The price was reasonable and the people were courteous and helpful. Happy Thanksgiving."
    Stephanie McKellick
  • "Dr. Cowen is great!"
  • "You guys are all awesome and I felt like my dog was getting the best care. Thank you!"
    Crystal Goodrich, owner of Scooby
  • "Lovely site ---- more importantly ---- pleasant staff. The vet explained the procedure --- Kona was very calm due to her surroundings."
    Priscilla Crivelli, Grandma to Kona
  • "Many thanks! Thank you for all the excellent care and skilled services provided to Colby. Dr. Rote was thorough, professional and informative. Dr. Kern was a highly skilled surgeon and kept us informed about the necessary surgery, for gastric tension. The support staff was excellent and professional at all times. The facility is very clean, comfortable and 'state-of-the-art."
    Lynn Haber, owner of Colby
  • "Thank you for all of your help. Dr. Barber and Co. were amazing. I am grateful that you are here."
    Brooke Cardin, Owner of Nikko
  • "Thank you so much for taking the time to see Belle. I know she wasn't critical, but she was to me. Thanks"
    Sherry Pickens, owner of Belle.
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