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Dear MVMC Client,

We understand that the world may be feeling a bit cold and disconnected in our current pandemic state. Please know that our goal is to do our best to provide the best clinical care for you and your animal family member. We will do our best to provide information to you so you can make an informed choice on medical care for your animal family member. At our level of medical facility some medical facts that we need to share are difficult to do so, for all parties. Please know that we are truly doing our best.

Organizations, businesses, and hospitals across the United States are experiencing high levels of emotional aggression to their employees from those that utilize their services.

We are asking you, our MVMC client, to do your best to work with us in a trusting and respectful manner. We have seen an escalation of this emotional aggression at our own hospital. It is truly emotionally draining for everyone. As more and more families are bringing home new animal family members, demand for our services is very high and skilled veterinary employees are spread thin everywhere, not just at MVMC. Please know that any form of aggressive behavior or language towards any of our staff will not be tolerated.

The best way for us to remain your trusted Emergency/Specialty hospital is to work together. If you have information you would like to share- a positive experience you had, something we can improve- please email Our Hospital Manager will respond directly to your message.

A sincere thank you,
All of us at MVMC