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Maine Veterinary Medical Center offers our patient form(s) online so you can complete it in the convenience of your own home or office.

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The Specialty Referral Process

Maine Veterinary Medical Center works closely with your primary care veterinarian to establish a diagnosis and determine the optimal treatment plan for your pet.


The MVMC specialist appointments are between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  In addition, the neurology department is now offering Saturday morning appointments.  After hours we are staffed by an emergency veterinarian, licensed veterinary technician team and an on-call specialist.  Morning appointments are encouraged as afternoon and evening hours are devoted to diagnostics and surgical procedures. 

Appointments can be scheduled by an animal owner or by the referring veterinarian.  Completed referral forms and a copy of recent diagnostic results are appreciated.  BAER testing of litters for hearing can be arranged by the breeder.

Printable Doctor Referral Form

Pet Owners Referral Procedures

The first step in the referral process is the examination of your pet by your primary care veterinarian. After this preliminary examination, your pet may be referred to MVMC. Appointments may be scheduled by the pet owners or the referring veterinarian.  It is helpful if the owner makes the appointment so it is at the optimal time for the owner.  Communication with your Primary Veterinarian is also very helpful in determining the appropriate specialty department for your pet.

To schedule appointments, please call our receptionist at 207-885-1290.  Specialists are available by fax, e-mail or phone, consulting during regular business hours concerning referral cases.

At the time of scheduling your pet’s appointment, we will explain all examination fees.  Costs of any additional testing and treatments are not known at this that time, so it is not always possible to estimate all costs.  Once we examine your pet, your MVMC specialist or technician will provide you with an assessment of your pet’s treatment options, plans and costs.  After your pet’s appointment and/or discharge from MVMC, you will receive a summary and discharge information.  A referral letter with additional medical information will be sent to your primary veterinarian.

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