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Had to bring my naughty lab in tonight after she ingested not one, but two, full corn cobs during her first excursion in the trash. (We got five years before she figured it out, she had a good run). The vet team not only evaluated her promptly but they made sure to communicate every step of the way and keep us informed. Mind you, there were numerous other emergencies happening, which was apparent by how packed the parking lot was. We are now on our way home to monitor our girl, and couldn’t be more grateful to spend another night of snuggles with her.

Abigail Hayes

We brought the king of our castle to MVMC and the staff was not only amazing and caring with him, but with us too. We were treated with respect and compassion. So was Dante. We were devastated to learn he had aggressive cancer and they took their time explaining everything to us. Even when we had to re ask questions. In the end we had to make the kindest and most humane choice for our 19 year old cat. He was our everything. Special thank you to Dr. Folsom and Dr. Grant. AND all of the Staff.

Dissent Wear

My dog had an emergency splenectomy due to a bleeding mass last week. Our regular vet called ahead and they were expecting us. They took him in right away and spent time explaining everything that was going to happen. They were up front about what to expect and the estimated costs. I got a call from the surgeon right before and an update after surgery. They’ve been responsive to any questions that have come up since I was able to bring him home. They took excellent care of my dog and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or take him back if he needs any other emergency or speciality services.
Janelle Richard

We moved to Maine from Texas a few months ago and had to bring our cat to the medical center only our second night of living here. He ended up having a urinary blockage which was really scary, but the staff at Maine Vet Medical Center went above and beyond to treat him and make us feel comfortable. Fast forward a few months and we had to take him back for another blockage and to have surgery. They called us daily (usually twice or more a day), provided us detailed recovery instructions and emphasized to call them for any questions or concerns. Now our cat is home and recovering. We feel so lucky to have found this place as soon as we arrived in Maine and will definitely use them for any emergency or surgery needs in the future!

Charlie Grantham

MVMC was amazing as they cared for and helped my crippled Aussie through months of PT and fitting of custom braces so he could enjoy hikes and walks again. They were always kind, professional, and caring with occasional follow up phone calls and texts, always being sure we had all the information and “tools” to give our old boy the best of what he needed and deserved. I would NEVER hesitate to take any of my fur family loved ones to them.

Nancy Hosmer

I’ve always had a great experience bringing our dog here when she’s sick. The staff is always friendly, understanding, and accommodating. Yes, it is expensive but it’s an emergency care clinic. Also, get your pet health insurance so the cost of emergency care doesn’t completely break your bank.

Emily Johnson

I have worked with MVMC several times – first a few years ago when they diagnosed my cat’s cancer and performed the necessary surgery and follow-up chemotherapy. They were always so professional and caring even though it was the start of the pandemic and it was a stressful time for everyone. Unfortunately my kitty only lived another year, but it was a year she wouldn’t have had if not for their superb staff. More recently (about two months ago) I had an emergency with my dog and brought him in and the staff again were kind and professional. I live over an hour away from this place, but their kind and caring top-tier staff has guaranteed they will be my emergency vet of choice no matter what. Thank you very much for all that you do for pets and their owners! (Also, my dog is fine, just in case anyone reads this and was left wondering!)

Colleen L

I wish you all the best in these trying times. My heart goes out to all the staff at Maine Veterinary medical center. Stay strong everyone! While not everyone will listen to the truth and understand that vet hospitals do not work for free and payment plans are never reliable, the Veterinary community supports you. I am so sorry you are going through this. Much love from STL!

Melissa Abrams

Great staff, i brought my cat here because he was straining. I had questions on my bill and they were happy to help each time. During my visit it did take a little while to be seen, but the staff was very friendly the entire time and happy to help. Like many places im sure they are short staffed. But they still remain positive. Definitely recommend!

Sam Carpenter

My oldest golden has been here countless times because of his love for socks! He needed surgery only one of those times, (thank goodness for pet insurance!) and every staff member was so kind and went above and beyond for my best boy. Our Heeler was diagnosed with lung disease and pulmonary hypertension. She spent days in oxygen, and threw a fit when they tried to put her in a larger kennel. So they accommodated our princess by allowing her to stay where she was most comfortable. They made sure all of my questions were answered. I felt confident and comfortable reaching out at any time of day or night. I felt heard, and like me and my pets mattered. The best of the best❤️😊

Alyssa Cote