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What is a veterinary specialist? How are we different from a general veterinary practice? Why has your veterinarian referred you to us? We answer your most frequently asked questions here.

Do I need a referral to go to MVMC?

No, MVMC is not a referral service. We are an Emergency and Critical Care as well as Specialty hospital. We offer neurology, internal medicine, oncology, cardiology, surgery, and rehabilitation by appointment, and our Emergency and Critical Care service is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Why have I been referred to MVMC?

Your veterinarian has referred you to MVMC because your pet requires further medical treatment, surgery, or long-term management with one of our specialists. Your veterinarian has recommended a consultation with a specialist to provide you with the benefit of the best possible care and treatment options for you and your pet.

What makes MVMC different from general practice?

We do not provide any routine care for your pet, such as annual vaccines and preventatives. We provide advanced medicine and surgery for dogs and cats. We also see some small exotics. Our highly experienced and caring doctors apply the finest diagnostic and treatment techniques to offer advanced medical and surgical care for your pet.

How do I make an appointment / schedule a procedure?

You are welcome to complete our online request or call our office at 207-885-1290, Option 2 to speak with a dedicated liaison for the appropriate department.

If I already have a diagnosis, why do I need a specialist consultation and exam before treatment?

Consultation requires a complete physical exam and a thorough review of your pet’s medical records so we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s condition. This enables us to provide the best treatment options and guide you through your pet’s health care options.

Can my pet eat / drink before a procedure?

In most cases, your pet may have food until 12 a.m. the night before hospitalization; water can be given until the time of hospital admission. A member of the specialty team overseeing your pet’s healthcare will notify you if different recommendations apply to your pet.

My pet is admitted to the hospital. When will I get an update on how my pet is doing?

A member of your pet’s medical team or doctor will call with an update the next morning, typically between 9:00 am11:00 am. If your pet is having a procedure or surgical procedure, you will get an update before and after being completed.

What staff are in the hospital at night?

The Emergency & Critical Care team is here overnight with at least one doctor and a nursing team.

What is the financial protocol for paying for my pet’s care?

A deposit payment, based on the initial medical plan, is collected by the client service representative prior to your pet’s hospital admission. The deposit is half of the high end of the medical plan. The remaining balance is due in full at the time your pet is released from MVMC. We also accept various financing options that you may contact our Client Care Team about.