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Veterinary Ophthalmology

in Scarborough, ME

Maine Veterinary Medical Center Surgery team

Veterinary Ophthalmology

Pet ophthalmology is the branch of veterinary medicine focused on the study, diagnosis, and treatment of eye-related conditions in animals. Our team here at MVMC specialized field addresses a range of issues, from common ailments like conjunctivitis to intricate disorders such as cataracts and glaucoma. By employing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, veterinary ophthalmologists strive to safeguard and enhance the vision and overall ocular health of our furry companions.

Indications of pet eye problems:

  • Abnormal growth near or on the eye
  • Behavioral changes, namely a sense of depression
  • Bumping into objects or seemingly lost in a familiar setting
  • Discoloration of the iris or pupil
  • Hazy film over pupil
  • Increase in discharge from eyes
  • Pawing and rubbing eyes
  • Red, swollen eyes