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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a veterinary specialist? How are we different from a general veterinary practice? Why has your veterinarian referred you to us? We answer your most frequently asked questions here.

What is a veterinary specialist?

Veterinary specialists have fulfilled requirements established by the American Veterinary Medical Association. After graduation from veterinary school, a veterinarian must complete an internship and a three-year advanced training program in a specialized field, called a residency. The final steps to certification are publication of original research article(s) in peer reviewed scientific journals and successful completion of a rigorous examination given by other specialists.

Is MVMC is a referral service?

No, MVMC is not a referral service. We are an Emergency and Critical Care as well as Specialty hospital. We offer neurology/neurosurgery, internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, surgery, rehabilitation, and acupuncture. Our Emergency and Critical Care service is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Why has my veterinarian referred me to MVMC?

Your veterinarian has referred you to MVMC because your pet requires further medical treatment, surgery or long term management with one of our specialists. Your veterinarian has recommended a consultation with a specialist to provide you with the benefit of the best possible care and treatment options for you and your pet.

How does MVMC differ from general practice?

We do not provide any routine care for your pet such as annual vaccines. We provide advanced medicine and surgery for dogs and cats. We also see some small exotics. Our highly experienced and caring doctors apply the finest diagnostic and treatment techniques to offer advanced medical and surgical care for your pet.

How do I get a referral?

We do not require a referral. Your primary care veterinarian may recommend seeing one of our specialists for further diagnostics or care. If your pet needs emergency care, we do not require a referral and you can be seen 24/7, 365 days a year.

How do I make an appointment?

You are welcome to call and speak with one of our client service representatives to schedule an appointment with the appropriate team.

My veterinarian provided a diagnosis, so why do I need to bring my pet in for consultation and physical examination at MVMC before treatment can begin?

A consultation requires a complete physical exam and thorough review of your pet’s medical records so we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s condition. This enables us to provide the best treatment options and guide you through your pet’s health care options.

How do I schedule a surgical or medical procedure for my pet?

If you elect to proceed with a surgical or medical procedure following the initial consultation, a member of the specialty care team will assist you with that process and scheduling. It may be possible for an elective procedure to be scheduled for the following day, but some procedures may be scheduled at a later date. Your veterinary specialist will advise you if your pet requires an emergency procedure to be performed on the same day as your consultation appointment.

Do I have to leave my pet on the day of consultation for surgery or procedure that will be done the following day?

No, many owners choose to admit their pet to MVMC the morning of surgery or the procedure. Of course, if your pet’s medical condition needs overnight treatment or it is more convenient for you to leave your pet the day of the initial consultation, your pet is welcome to stay.

How do I schedule a surgery or procedure for a date other than the day after the initial consultation?

If you do not schedule your pet’s surgery or procedure on the day of the initial consultation, you should call MVMC when you are ready to schedule with that service. At that time a member of the specialty care team will assist you with that process and scheduling.

If I take my pet home, can my pet have food or water the night before surgery or a procedure?

In most cases, your pet may have food until 12 a.m. the night before hospitalization; water can be given until the time of hospital admission. A member of the specialty team overseeing your pet’s healthcare will notify you if different recommendations apply to your pet.

When do I need to bring my pet to MVMC?

Unless instructed differently, bring your pet to MVMC between 7:45 a.m. and 8 a.m. the morning of the scheduled surgery or procedure. Please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier for everyone’s comfort and safety. We will make every effort to complete the admission process quickly.

What happens when I admit my pet to the hospital?

At the time of admission, the client service representative will help you complete the hospitalization documents, including consent forms for anesthesia and surgery, contact information and the financial agreement. At that point, the client service representative will collect a deposit payment. You will also be asked to provide us with telephone numbers where you can be reached during your pet’s stay. A member of your pet’s medical support team will meet with you at the time you admit your pet to the hospital.

When will I get an update on my pet's care?

A member of your pet's medical team or doctor will call with an update the next morning typically between 9-11am. If your pet is having a procedure or surgical procedure, you will get an update before and after being completed.

Will my pet have to stay in the hospital overnight after surgery or procedure?

Most surgical patients will spend the night after surgery in the hospital so their recovery can be monitored, and they can be given injectable medication to treat any postoperative discomfort. Patients that have a medical or diagnostic procedure may or may not need to spend the night in the hospital. A specialty team member will give you further information based on these recommendations.

Is there someone in the hospital at night?

Yes, there is at least one doctor as well as our nursing staff overnight.

When can I pick up my pet?

A member of your pet's medical team will help to set up a discharge time depending on the assessment and recommendations from the doctor. You will meet with a member of the medical or surgical team to discuss home care instructions for your pet.

Do I need to schedule any follow up examinations, and will there be additional charges at that time?

The attending doctor will inform you if follow-up visits are necessary. Fees for recheck examinations and diagnostic tests will also be discussed if applicable. You may request an estimate for these services during your consultation.

What is the financial protocol for paying for my pet's care?

A deposit payment, based on the initial medical plan, is collected by the client service representative prior to your pet’s hospital admission. The deposit is half of the high end of the medical plan. The remaining balance is due in full at the time your pet is released from MVMC. We also accept CareCredit and Wells Fargo as our financial assistance.